Venture Outside of Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon

The weather in Las Vegas is beginning to warm up and now is the perfect time to venture outside and hit the trails. It can become daunting having to be indoors in an office for most of the day. Sometimes you need a break and get some fresh air. Give the team a much-needed break and head out to Red Rock Canyon for a corporate retreat.

Venture Outside of Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon

Located just a short twenty-minute drive outside of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon offers many different experiences for a large or smaller group of people. Choose from nineteen different trails that range in difficulty from easy to moderate. Each trail takes only a few hours to complete, so depending on your starting time, you will be able to experience a few of them. Allow different members of the team to take the lead while you are out on the trail. This could help build a sense of leadership that could be utilized in the workplace.

If you are not familiar with the area or do not feel comfortable heading out without a proper guide, you can take guided tours through the canyons. This will also allow you to ask questions and learn about the history of the area and landscape. By utilizing a park guide, you will also get to venture out on paths that many people do not get to travel on.

If hiking is not really your thing but you still want to be able to see the beautiful landscapes of Red Rock Canyon, you can venture out on jeep tours. This allows you a unique look at the canyon as you will drive out on roads and paths that are specific for vehicles. You can get a real sense of the terrain through all the rocks and small boulders you will pass.

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