Why Use a Destination Management Company?

Las Vegas marks the map as an entertainment capital of the world. If you’re planning a vacation for a group or corporate retreat, the task may seem daunting. Which hotel do you book? How will you arrange transportation? Where will everyone eat? If you’re dreading the responsibility of corporate event planning, that’s when Las Vegas Destination Management comes to the rescue.

So how does it work? We provide a one stop shop for all your corporate event planning ideas. On top of arranging everything for you, we also provide discounts through our connections in the local community. We provide the following corporate event management services:

Destination Management Services

  • Transportation
  • Hotel booking
  • Food and beverage deals
  • Venue renting and purchasing
  • Coordinating team building events
  • Staffing
  • Entertainment (concerts, shows, comedy and more)
  • Decor for your events
  • Golf, swimming and other recreational activities

Have a request that’s not on our list? Let us know and we’ll do all we can to help you! You can count on the difficult corporate event planning completed for you in a timely manner, leaving you free to enjoy your events and activities. Our corporate event management services have been used by companies Facebook, Nike, Carmax, Mashable, GoPro, Sinclair and more with highly rated reviews.

You’ll be assigned a sales manager that assists you in all your planning to ultimately put together your vision. An approved budget will be agreed upon, and you’ll sign a contract so we can get to work creating your ideal corporate retreat.

Ready to have a great trip, worry free? Call our destination management team and start planning.

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