How to Plan a Corporate Event with Las Vegas Destination Management

If your Las Vegas company looks to you to plan the corporate event this year, the task can seem overwhelming. To relieve the panic, see how hiring an event management company guarantees the job gets done easily, with a few discounts even. When you work with our corporate event planning services, you need to do about half the steps necessary, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Using Our Help Planning Your Corporate Event

Create a theme

If you already have an idea of the theme you want, great! If not, we’re happy to help by providing pictures and ideas of events we’ve helped plan in the past. A theme brings together a comprehensive vision for your team building or training and helps streamline the planning by narrowing down other options. With our event planning services, you’ll find inspiration for your event in no time.

Set a budget

If your company hasn’t already given you a budget for the corporate event, our team can give you a ballpark idea of what costs to expect. We’re happy to give you plenty of quotes from our partnered vendors to make sure you stay on budget.

Pick menu items

If your theme has been chosen, most of the time picking out which appetizers to serve is a breeze. Fiesta? How about shrimp tacos? Feeling American? Sliders and BBQ comfort food will do the trick. We’ll chat about some delicious bites and work with a caterer you approve of to make the menu come together easily. Do make sure you know of any allergies for the corporate team, and we recommend planning for vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options as well.

Choose decor

Make the party a real bash when you choose from our many decor options to create a cohesive, visually appealing event. Our team has years of experience, expertly guiding you to a home run party your coworkers will keep talking about for months.

By using an event planning management service, you’ll have a team working for you to ensure your vision comes to life with the look and price you want without the hassle and work of doing it yourself. Make your corporate event a hit and enjoy a stress-free party planning experience with Las Vegas Destination Management.

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