Navigating on the Las Vegas Strip

 Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the most iconic spots in the entire country. As soon as you pass the world famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, you are instantly inundated with the lights and towering, themed hotels lined down the boulevard. It can be difficult to know where to begin your adventures and each hotel has a vast amount of business and restaurants that are located inside and are not easily seen from the street.

Instead of trying to be a leader of your corporate retreat, be the hero and hire a company that knows all the ins and outs that the Strip provides. Las Vegas Destination Management can create an itinerary that will allow your corporate event to truly experience Vegas right.

Las Vegas Destination Management will work with you and ensure that you are able to hit any spots you want as well as some iconic spots you may not even know about. We are a full-service company headquartered in the heart of Las Vegas. We will handle everything from your rides up and down the Strip, including entrances into the best bars and nightclubs that Sin City has to offer.

Las Vegas Destination Management will handle everything from shuttles to and from the airport, hotel check in and travels to and from the designed events. Ditch the taxicabs and travel in style for your corporate events. We can offer up party busses and private cars so you do not have to worry about traffic and confusing parking garages of each hotel. Get dropped off and picked up in the front of each destination and have the best time possible.

Don’t worry about traveling through the mazes to get back to your hotels; we have you covered. Contact us today to set up the greatest corporate event your company will ever experience.

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