Why the Weather Makes Las Vegas the Perfect Destination

It’s no secret that Las Vegas’ weather can get scorching hot, particularly in the summer months. But more often than not, the heat doesn’t come with humidity, which if you live in Las Vegas or visit regularly, you know is a good thing! Nevertheless, the Las Vegas climate makes for the perfect place to plan an event and your next Las Vegas destination. It’s never too cold in the city of entertainment, and if it gets hot, there are plenty of pools around.

Firstly, the Las Vegas Strip, where most visitors tend to hang out is the hottest section of the city. This is because the Strip is located closer to the floor of the valley and is at a lower altitude. The part of the city that is West of the Strip, including the neighborhood of Summerlin, is at a higher elevation and is often up to ten degrees cooler than the Las Vegas Strip. But why does this matter to you? Summerlin, although about 15 minutes West of the Strip, is still a great place to host a Las Vegas private event or corporate event.

There are three major luxurious hotels located in Summerlin including the Red Rock Hotel and Casino, the Suncoast hotel and casino and the J.W. Marriott. If you’re an avid golfer, Summerlin also offers several different golf courses with amazingly beautiful scenery. And the best thing is that the weather in Vegas allows you to play all year round! If you’re looking to plan a Las Vegas group event, the J.W. Marriott offers a nice selection of meeting spaces to choose from.

Las Vegas has an awesome climate with hot, dry summers and gentle, sunny winters. The average temperature in summer is close to 105 degrees, however, the humidity is low, as mentioned before. Las Vegas makes for a happy place to visit as it is the fourth sunniest city in the world. Las Vegas Destination Management, a boutique destination management agency, can help plan any event no matter the size. Contact us today to set up your dream destination.

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