The Best Way to Unwind After a Corporate Event

 Las Vegas is not just a place to get lost in the lights and let your wild side out. Many people make the trip to sin city with business in mind. Corporate events typically follow the nine to five rule so that leaves you a lot of play time afterwards. One can hit up the happy hours to get the night started, but the only way to experience Vegas right is to go the world famous nightclubs many hotels have to offer.

Clubs are a great way to let loose and be surrounded by a large group of people with the same mentality as yourself. With over 25 nightclubs to choose from on the Strip, you will find the perfect place for you. Choosing from 25 nightclubs can become overwhelming and it can be nice to have a little help in creating a plan of action.

Luckily there is Las Vegas Destination Management that can create an experience to fit your every need. LVDM utilizes a destination by design method to ensure that you do not miss out on any experiences that Las Vegas has to offer. Here are some key nightclubs that needs to be on everybody’s list to attend after those long corporate events.


The name says it all her. At Light Las Vegas, you can expect to be dazzled as you walk through the doors. Performance elements and visuals take over the show as world renown DJs get the crowd jumping to the beats. Light is a performance experience unlike any other, workers walk the floor in elaborate costumes and choreographed dances take over the stage to accompany the music. This place is a bright spot on the Las Vegas Strip.


A hit in the club world, Hakkasan nightclub inside the MGM Resort will pose no disappointments. This three-level nightclub over the Hakkasan restaurant towers over any expectations you had of Vegas. The third floor houses a lounge where guests can enjoy a private stay to converse and hang out. head to the back of the third floor and you will find yourself in the “Ling Ling” room. Here, guests can dance away to hip hop and many famous DJs. Head up one floor and this is where the main action takes place. The fourth floor is where you can find the main stage and dance area. Oversized booths and tables will allow to you have a VIP experience in the middle of all the excitement. The fifth level mezzanine is designed for guests who desire a more private environment but can still see the livelihood of the main floor below.


The new kid on the block is making a huge presence on the Las Vegas strip. The 75,000 square foot nightclub is one you wouldn’t want to skip out on. With three different rooms, there is something for everyone. “The Heart” of Omnia is an ultra-lounge that is decorated in antique brass, mirror panels, vinyl and velvet drapings with tech-forward LED panels throughout to perform to the music. Omnia’s main floor has an expansive dance floor to let you boogie the night away. The DJ booth is housed in the middle of the room underneath a monstrous kinetic LED chandelier. The kinetic chandelier moves and shapes to the sound of the music.

Be the hero of any corporate event and use Las Vegas Destination Management to design a unique Vegas experience.

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