Take to the Skies for Your Next Group Event

 When planning a group event in Las Vegas, the possibilities are endless. A city known as the entertainment capital of the world means you will never find yourself short of things to do. You can stick with the traditional itinerary of Las Vegas and hit the casinos, a few day or night clubs and a nice dinner out at one of the many high-end restaurants. Or you can mix things up a bit. Take one day out of your trip and venture out on a helicopter tour over Sin City. You can even fly over one of the natural wonders of the world, which is just two hours away.

Have Your Next Group Event in Style

As a tourist- based town, Las Vegas has many different tour options from which to choose. You can travel up and down the Strip on a double decker bus or rock out in a party limousine, but the most exhilarating way to get around is by helicopter.

Many helicopter tour companies reside in Las Vegas, keeping the prices relatively low. The price, however, varies depending on the type of tour you choose to book. Many of the tour companies offer tours over the Grand Canyon and even allow you to stop and have a picnic near the riverbed. While it will take you over two hours to drive to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, it is just a short 30-minute flight by helicopter. And you won't get the spectacular views of the canyon from your vehicle.

If you don't want to spend most of the day out at the Grand Canyon, we suggest a night tour over the city. Typically lasting around 15 minutes, this is one of the best ways to get a full view of the Las Vegas Valley. You will be able to see the strip lit up as the many displays and shows flash below you. Even atop the Stratosphere, you will not have the opportunity for these spectacular views.

We Can Help With Your Next Event

Las Vegas is the ideal location for any group or corporate event. No matter the size of the group or the event, Las Vegas Destination Management can cater to your needs. For your next visit to Las Vegas, make sure to visit us for an event that will never be forgotten.

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