Tackle the Buffets of Las Vegas Like a Pro

 Las Vegas is famous for a number of different things: the lights, shows, nightlife, gambling and amazing hotels. Another aspect that Las Vegas is famous for, that many people do not know how to properly utilize, is the buffets.

The buffets on the Las Vegas Strip offer some of the best foods at an affordable price. Few other places will allow you to enjoy a plethora of seafood, prime cuts of meats and gourmet desserts and as much of it as you want. It can be overwhelming, standing in front of over 200 different options of foods and only having the circumference of your plate to work with. Many people are unaware of the proper way to attack a buffet, but thanks to lasvegasweekly.com, we have some tips to maximize your time and money.

Pregame Pep Talk

Just like athletes need to get pumped up before a big game, you are going to need to get in the right mindset before you head out to the buffet. Know you are not going to an upscale french cuisine place where elbows on the table is frowned upon; table manners went out the window as soon as they put up the “all-you-can-eat” sign. We are not saying that you have to ditch all the lessons your mom taught you growing up, we are saying that buffets are a place to test the limits of your stomachs by any means necessary.

Formulate a Plan of Attack

There is no formal way to attack the buffet. You do not have to start with a light salad then go to the main courses and end with dessert. In fact, that method of dining is something you should avoid. Salads and other side dishes that you can get at any establishment are things that you should not even bother with, or at least, in very small amounts. You are there for the big ticket items and a lot of those big items. Las Vegas Weekly suggests starting off the meal with a seafood platter. These items will not fill you up as much as they are practically pure protein.

Do not fall prey to the “eyes bigger than your stomach” effect. Seeing all the different types of foods may prompt you to pile high as much as your plate can handle, but remember there are no limits to the number of trips you can take for more food. Instead, opt for smaller portions of everything you would like to try. Once you get a taste of everything, you can go back and load up on your favorites.

Ditch the Formalities

Like we said before, you do not have to follow the typical salad, main course then dessert format. If you want to grab a dessert in between each trip, go right ahead. You can go back and forth between savory and sweet as many times as you like. At the very end of the meal, if you are still wanting that salad or some side dishes you skipped out on, now is the time to do it.

Buffets are a staple part of the Las Vegas experience and knowing how to properly attack them is a great skill to have. Las Vegas Destination Management provides the greatest events for any private parties or corporate events. Contact us today to plan out the best Vegas trip of your life.

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