Las Vegas-Destination Management: Adventure Combats Ops

 Corporate America is sometimes referred to as a war zone, and if your troops (employees) are not trained properly and can’t work together then you are looking at a losing battle. Every corporation needs a strong leader that can manage a hardworking team that understands their roles in the company and can help out others when needed.

As an excellent way to bring up any imperfections you may have in your company, corporate events improve your approach to resolution as well as highlighting the strengths. Las Vegas Destination Management can set up any corporate event to ensure that your team is on the right track. There is no better way to train for the battlefronts of corporate America than to actually go to war with your coworkers.

Don’t worry, we aren’t saying to actually fight your coworkers. Instead, you will be teaming up with them to fight off a zombie apocalypse at Adventure Combat Ops. Adventure Combat Ops is a facility just off the Strip that will train you in special combat tactics and place in you in a post-apocalyptic scenario in which you and your team must go through and survive.

As soon as you arrive, you are fitted for your gear and placed right into the action. This is the perfect environment for corporate building. You will learn to lead, follow and work together to accomplish the same goal, survival. By going through this fun and engaging skills training, you and your employees will learn leadership, communication efficiency, team building and team confidence.

You and your team will come out stronger and more unified along with the added bonus of having the skills to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment. Las Vegas Destination Management can create a destination by design event to ensure that your team is ready for battle.

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